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Akalani Healing

Akalani , which means chords or symbols to heaven is a powerful healing system that is performed either hands on or long distance .

It consists of 28 symbols and can help break old patterns like addictions, phobias, unhealthy relationships, family patterns or anything that keeps you stuck in the old loop. it is as though the Akalani energy unglues the past beliefs, which could have formed in early childhood. It breaks the chains of the past.

This modality was given to me after I had had very extensive trianing with the Hawaiian Kahunas ( shamans/healers) in 2003. I am the first person to hold this information and am able to train practitioners in this modality

Akalani is also available as vibrational medicine essences, Uplifting sprays ,Love Magic sprays and angel cards .

Sessions are available online for $150 per hour.

Bookings via ; leeorah@gmail.com


When first hearing Leeorah talk about Akalani, I was getting shivers & downloads all down my body; I knew I needed to know more. Working in group sessions on Zoom, the healing feels safe & instantly powerful. Leeorah’s sure ability for connecting into & guiding the group with her feeling, knowing & voice makes the experience a relief for the part of you being called forward to be Loved. I highly recommend working with Leeorah, there will be a powerful shift. Many thanks to Leeorah for shining your gifts.’

Thank you, Leeorah 🙏🏼 Roxanne Ariel

I have been fortunate to have experienced Leeorah’s Akalani healing and those sessions were the highlight of the first weeks of lockdown for me. She builds a better world with her light work. Her healing energizes her, and anyone who is part of her energetic output. She works instinctively and intuitively, creating safe spaces for each one to connect with our own fear. I would love a class with Leeorah Hursky, right now! I’m Roni Snitcher and a devoted fan.



Leeorah was an everyday housewife with two daughters and a loving husband when her world started to unravel. She couldn’t stop painting monsters, and a deep dark secret she had bottled up inside her was starting to leak out. When it broke , her realisations took her on a journey of self discovery. As Leeorah blossomed in her spiritual understanding, she also experienced a sexual awakening, crossing the heights of bliss she never dared dream possible.The world was bigger than she had imagined and sexier.Come with her now on a voyage of discovery, and let her story blow a breath of life into your world.


This is a true account of a group of people who were lured to Romania under the guise of starring in a feature film.
A wise woman said that the internet is like a spiritual web letting like- minded people meet. it is also a fertile place for evil people to snare their victims. These people do not feel the effects of their crimes as the victims feel the guilt and trauma on their behalf.



Leeorah and Amy, cousins, a generation apart, living on different continents. One is obese, the other anorexic and bulimic. Both are fighting a war against their body. Through email communication, they start to examine the reasons behind their respective eating disorders. In this journey of discovery and healing, their frank and sometimes brutal honesty provides insight into their battles which are so different yet so similar. Leeorah, an internationally-acclaimed healer, uses some of her techniques in a desperate attempt to save Amy. This is a fascinating account of the “why” behind obesity and anorexia/bulimia, and how healing can begin if you are willing to open your mind to new possibilities.


Leeorah lived a charmed life and was an avid traveler. This all changed when the pandemic hit. She like the rest of the world was consequently grounded.She used this time to go deep within to face her biggest monsters.This is the inspirational memoir of overcoming childhood trauma, repressed memories and food addictions. Leeorah worked with a Kitchen Therapist to face the past nightmares, allowing harmonic back into her life.